Signature Spices

Make the Meat You Serve More Flavorful

Make the Meat You Serve More Flavorful

The blends from Don's Southern Spices pack flavor into everything you grill

Are you planning to grill chicken breasts? Is steak on your menu? You can boost the flavor by using spices from Don's Southern Spices. Choose our original blend or our sweet, spicy blend.

Our company's owner carefully crafted his blends to complement the flavors of:

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Beef
Our original blend will add a sweet, savory taste to meat - or any dish you use it on. The sweet, spicy blend with habanero will punch up the flavor factor. No matter which one you choose, you'll be cleaning your plate, licking your fingers and hoping for more. Go to the Shop page now to see your choices.

Get the story behind the spice

Donterius Williams grew up cooking in Louisiana, learning his skills from family members who were passionate about cooking. He started grilling at an early age and developed his own spice blends, which quickly earned him a reputation as a cook to be reckoned with. He founded Don's Southern Spices to share the flavorful spice combinations that have made him famous. Choose a spice blend now and try it for yourself.